Up Your Gaming Experience with an Audio Setup

The debate among gamers has always been about which set-up is the best. Some prefer high-end gaming consoles like the PS5, combined with a large 4K OLED TV. Others go with a capable PC gaming rig, a high refresh rate monitor, and a gaming mouse and keyboard to take gaming performance to a whole new level.

What’s missing from most of these discussions is audio. It is difficult to ignore how important audio is for your gaming experience. A good gaming set-up must also include an audio set-up that lets you enjoy every granular detail of the game’s sound in all its glory. Fortunately, upping your gaming experience with a good audio set-up is not difficult. This article will show you how.

Headsets or Speakers?

The first big decision to make when you want to improve the audio set-up of your gaming rig is deciding whether you want to go the headset route or the speakers route. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and the decision is mostly about what you find to be the most comfortable.

With gaming headsets, you have that privacy when gaming. The audio is not going to bother other people around you, plus high-end gaming headsets also come with a microphone already built-in. As a result, it means that you can game for hours on end without concern that you are disturbing others, allowing all your energy to be focused on the game at hand. The all-in-one option makes for the perfect gadget for taking on the go as gamers do not need to worry about setting up multiple devices to be able to communicate and listen to the audio at the same time. On top of that, gaming headsets are also capable of outputting HD quality audio. Plus, in recent years, it has become a more affordable option for gamers.

Speakers, on the other hand, offer more flexibility and immersive experience. You can have a 7.1 set-up – not a simulated one, of course – and feel the full audio experience presented by the games like no other. Speakers are also less harmful to your ears when you game for extended periods of time. If you are playing with others in the same room as you, it also enables you both to experience the same thing. Controlling the speakers’ volume is easy if you select the right model, but all should offer a great audio experience. They come in all sorts of styles and designs, too, so you can find the one that best suits the interior of your home.

Quality Parts

The next part to think about is the parts you want to add to your audio set-up. Regardless of the route you choose, adding quality parts is a must. Yes, there are budget options, but when immersive and pleasant gaming experience is the goal, budget parts don’t always cut it.

When choosing a power supply for your speakers, for instance, you want a PSU that comes with the best capacitors for audio power supply. This ensures good quality of signal coming out of the speakers since you will not have to worry about interference or signal loss at all.

The same is true for cables used. Good headsets and speakers come supplied with good cables, but you can always choose to upgrade to higher-end cables to maximize the sound quality. You’ll be surprised by how much difference good cabling makes to your audio quality.

Driving the Set-up

Once you have the components, you can think about how to best integrate good audio with your gaming set-up. For PCs, you might want to consider getting an audio interface like the Focusrite Scarlet. The interface acts as a soundcard and can output good quality audio.

As an added bonus, a suitable gaming audio set-up should also be convenience. If you are also doing streaming, for instance, you want to be able to split the output of your gaming rig easily. Combined with the other tips we discussed in this article, you will have an awesome audio set-up to complement your awesome gaming set-up.


When you are gaming, you deserve the best audio set-up possible to truly enhance the experience. The guide above can help you achieve this, so make sure to take note of for when you are keen to upgrade your gaming time.

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