Verizon wins exclusive streaming rights to NFL

Verizon along with Amazon are an official NFL streaming partner for 2017 thus expanding the presence online for the NFL. This sale was because the NFL is looking to sell more games to be streamed on various alternatives besides traditional television, one of which is online streaming thus leading Verizon to purchase it.

Verizon does pay the NFL already to stream their games on mobile devices. However, this deal only includes prime-time and local-market games. The streams are also limited to the US market.

Verizon has bought exclusive rights to stream the Baltimore Ravens – Jacksonville Jaguars game on September 24 for a price tag of $21 million. NFL stated that they will be the NFL’s “exclusive digital partner” for the September 24 game between the two teams at the Wembley Stadium.

NFL came out with the full statement saying:

“Verizon will be the NFL’s exclusive digital partner to deliver the live stream of the Week 3 International Series game in London to a global audience. The Baltimore Ravens – Jacksonville Jaguars game on September 24 from Wembley Stadium will be streamed live across Verizon’s portfolio of platforms including AOL, Fios, go90 and Complex. The game will also be made available on the NFL mobile app ( to Verizon Wireless customers, and the NFL app on Xbox One and Windows 10. TV access will be offered through an over-the-air broadcast in the Baltimore and Jacksonville local markets, as well as on Sky Sports in the UK.”

This deal means Verizon is allowed to stream the game on all of its services.

This deal just signifies that NFL is embracing new platforms for its games to be streamed on. NFL’s senior VP of digital media business development, Vishal Shah, has said that Verizon’s growth and numerous digital platforms allows NFL to learn more about other distribution partners that could possibly attract more viewers.

This is similar to NFL and Yahoo’s agreement for a single game from London which costs $15 million back in 2015. This is NFL’s first attempt at making a matchup available to be consumed primarily on the internet.  That game was Jaguars against Buffalo Bills and it had an audience at about 2.36 million viewers.

With that said, Verizon is also looking to acquire Yahoo. And if it does happen, the game could possibly be also streamed there according to resources familiar with the matter.

Meanwhile Amazon reportedly paid $50 million for 10 Thursday night football games. Twitter streamed 10 of NFL’s games last season as well.

Verizon has global rights to stream the game live but it will also be aired locally on TV in both the team’s hometowns which are Baltimore and Jacksonville. Apart from that, it will also be locally available in the UK.

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