Video Game Controllers To A Whole New Level: Check Out These Controllers Now Turned Into Synths

Gaming as a whole has seen a vast amount of change over the years as technology and the controllers have developed. This has changed the way that we play, as well as completely revolutionised the controller and what is capable of gaming. In this article, we will be looking into the video game controller and how they have now been changed into music synths.

The Popularity Of Video Games

Video gaming as a form of entertainment has proved highly popular over the years with more and more of us reaching for our favourite consoles on a daily basis. But as the number of gamers around the world is expected to hit 2.7 billion in 2021, it is no surprise that many of us turn to gaming as a way to relax and unwind.

With several genres across multiple platforms for both the casual and competitive gamer, this level of popularity is likely to increase. With titles such as the Nintendo Switch and their Labo creative kits revolutionising the way both children and adults interact with their game’s consoles, it is no surprise that many have created a number of weird and wonderful creations with the use of games controllers and other hardware from their favourite manufactures. It is this level of creativity that has to lead some inventors to create music players and synthesisers using controllers and portable consoles.

The Crossover Of Music And Gaming

This crossover between music and gaming is no surprise to many as games such as Guitar Hero allows players to play music that they love using a guitar-like controller. However, with just a few simple tweaks and some additional parts, controllers such as this can be used as synthesisers and musical instruments with ease. This crossover between music and gaming has been evident in the development of soundtracks and other in-game scores and can have a profound effect on gameplay.

When it comes to the narrative of the story, the visuals and the musical are what helps to make the game immersive. This is key to the success of a game as it makes it more immersive and helps the title to stand out. Whether this is a score within cutscenes or a small amount of music during gameplay, this can heavily influence the emotion that is felt within the game. But why synthesisers?  More often than not, this music is associated with brands such as Atari and Sega that used this music throughout their titles on older consoles. As a result, fans of these franchises begin to use titles such as Gameboys and other consoles to replicate some of the music heard within the original games.

Creative Ways To Control Your Favorite Titles

In addition to using these consoles to make music, there are several other ways that manufactures are revolutions the common game control. From motion-sensor cameras to motion controllers found on titles such as the Nintendo Wii we as games have seen numerous ways for you to control your beloved console. One of the newest ways that you can control your games consoles is through smart devices. With manufactures such as PlayStation and Microsoft allowing gamers to control their consoles with their mobile phones, there are also several new games to play.

At the forefront of this new way to play is Microsoft who allows you to play on mobile and computer all through the Xbox application. This has, therefore, meant the expansion of gaming such as smartwatch slots popularity to rise unexpectedly. With more and more of us playing on smart devices, this is the new way for people to have access to their favourite games even when they are on the go.

As this technology begins to gain popularity. We are likely to see the way that we control our games completely change. As the software develops, we may soon be able to play games on our phone and resume them on our consoles when we return home. Though this technology is already somewhat possible with the use of the Nintendo Switch docking system, there is still a vast amount of development that can be made.  

The Growth Of The Gaming Community

Another deciding factor that will influence the development of this technology is the gaming community. If people see that the gaming community want this style of new controller, they are much more likely to develop this new way of controlling title. Though this is still a long way off at this time, this is looking like a positive step in the right direction when it comes to innovation.

With this in mind, there are several new and creative ways that you can now use and control your favourite consoles to benefit you when it comes to making the gaming community stand out.

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