Viper RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM Review

When we speak of RGB DDR4 memories, it appears that there’s this kind of generation gap that’s been occurring. With a ton of kits that are now supporting some of the major motherboard brands and companies right out of the box. This includes complete assimilation with software that is able to control the LED lights of your board.

That step is surely going to the right direction, especially now that more are beginning to support both AMD and Intel systems. Now, the Viper RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM from Patriot does all of these, but it also has more things up in store for you.

This time, we’ll be talking about this specific device, which are modules from the company that are very much interesting, especially with their exceptional RGBs that highlight the RAM’s beauty. Aside from that, the modules are highly on par with almost every premium memory module out in the market today. So to learn more about this specific product, Let’s head on and dive straight into the review about the Viper RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM. First, Let’s go check out what’s inside the box.

Viper RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM Review – What’s in the Box?

We have the white RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM which came in the usual colorful and aesthetic package from the company. It’s quite eye-catching, so you’ll never miss out on their products. Now taking the first look at the front portion of the box, you’ll get to see the module’s RGB functions which are compatible with almost all lighting sync systems from different brands. Some of these include the Gigabyte RGB Fusion, ASUS Aura Sync, Asrock’s Polychrome Sync, and the MSI Mystical Sync.

There’s also a “Gamer Certified” monogram fixed on the front part of the package, and you’ll also see the regular details and specifications here. These information display the RAM which is the PC4 25600, 3200MHz.

When you look at the back of the box, you’ll be able to determine that the device’s RAM includes a lifetime warranty which is really something convenient for all. The rest of the details on the box feature your regular brief introduction about the product, as well as some social media links of the company. As soon as you pull off the modules from the package, you’ll get to see that Patriot added a couple of cool stickers together with the modules themselves. These are specifically a pair of Viper stickers that you can use to stick on devices or items you like; and of course, you can put it on your RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM.

The Product

Viper RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM Review

The modules of the RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM sports a really elegant and classy heatsink that comes with a shiny logo of Patriot. It can be located between the modules.  We consider this to be the best looking RAM we’ve ever seen since it comes with a really attractive design, it has a white PCB, it looks really nice and clean, and it can match almost any kind of motherboard around. When it comes to its aluminum heat spreader, the RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM has a textured matte finish which makes it look even better. It has thick and rather huge light bars which is really good for the RGB lighting’s area.

On the sticker, you will be able to see that the Viper RGB is a kit of two 8GB plus 3200MHz, as well as CL-16 at 1.35V. These days, 16GB is considered to as an adequate amount of memory to have a proper gaming computer. And for the best compatibility and performance, we highly recommend using the pre-configured XMP profile.

The snake head logo found in the middle of the stick appears very reflective with cutouts for its eyes to glow. We also really liked the effect of the texts that were placed right on top of the bar for the logo of Viper. It’s basically big and stands out just right without it taking over the entire stick. The module’s height is around 45.4 millimeters and it shouldn’t really be an issue for the air coolers and the AIOs that are out in the market.

The heat spreader doesn’t really function as a temperature improver, but it does shift the heat from the chips to the fins. This makes heat dissipation a lot more even throughout the entire module without leaving any hotspots. Apparently, it should allow for improved overclocking, and despite that, there shouldn’t be a problem with the cooler. Lastly, the RGB strip is controlled and powered by the DIMM slots, so no extra power is necessary for this.

Product Features

Improve your Build

The Viper RGB Series is the most competitive when it comes to specifications since it is Patriot’s highest segment in OC DRAM product lines. The high-quality aluminum heat shield features a special design which features the best that Viper has to offer. Its captivating design will make your build look better than ever. Aside from that, it effectively dissipates heat to ensure excellent performance even when using the heaviest and most demanding programs.

For Extreme Performance

The memory modules of Patriot’s Viper RGB Series were made for extreme performance. It’s fully compatible with the newest AMD and Intel platforms to provide your build a seamless connection. The Viper RGB Series delivers outstanding stability and performance. The RGB lighting also gives the most colorful dimensions for your build. It comes with five various lighting zones that are completely customizable via the RGB software.

Viper RGB Heatshield

The heatshield of the Viper RGB series was made to display the company’s signature Viper head. The company’s designers spent a long time to ensure its perfection. The linear aesthetic and magnificent angles featured on the front portion of the device were inspired by the company’s logo. Basically, it was made to be unique among the boring rectangular RAMs that are common in the market.

Easy to Use Software Application

The software used for the RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM is easy to follow anyone can customize their own device and make the most of its stunning 16-million RGB color spectrum.

5 Customizable RGB zones

Each RGB zone can be customized so you can completely change the lighting effects based on your liking. With that, you can easily add some flare to your PC.

Using the Product

The Viper RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM is a great option for any motherboard that you have. It also works for different platforms or brands, so even if it’s white, it will blend really nicely with other color schemes. What we liked about the Viper RGB is that there are tons of things that come into play; getting it up and running, as well as changing its settings, was really simple and very easy. Compared to most of the software solutions for RGB memories that are available, the whole process was easy.

Not only is it easy to install, but it is also very convenient and easy to use thanks to the software. The Viper RGB Software Application was also able to let us customize the RGB LEDs with ease even in all five different zones. We just made a few quick clicks and everything went according to how we wanted. If you think about it, there are also some other brands that have functional and great software, but these are a bit cumbersome. As for some other sticks, they don’t have any software at all, so we’re really happy about this.

We’ve also noticed that the Viper RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM’s performance was just as good as other similar products. Leaving them at their XMP or extreme memory profile will leave you pleased; yet if you choose to install and combine the right hardware, then its overclocking performance becomes excellent as well.

Getting to use these Viper RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM for both Intel and AMD systems without having to worry about a single thing is also very nice. Since the Ryzen-based systems aren’t really at the top when it comes to memory compatibility, it was really nice to be able to add these sticks to our test systems and having them up and running at their perfectly-rated speeds without any issues at all. Patriot focused and worked on making their Viper RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM function effectively just like how every memory should, making it widely compatible with both hardware and software.

When we powered it up, everything lit brightly and there wasn’t just a single color present. You can set a couple of stunning transitions, as well as fading effects to make things more personalized. The heat spreader makes for an excellent background just for the RGB; and as for the backlight, it’s evenly expanded based on illumination. Overall, it’s a very good product that performed well. It reached our expectations so we’re giving the Viper RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM a solid thumbs-up.


The Viper RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM, as the name says, has excellent RGB functions included, and works perfectly. Patriot offers the Viper RGB Software Application that allows the management of lighting in an easier and more convenient way. Just keep in mind that this application may come in conflict with similar applications such as Aura Sync, Mystic Light Sync, RGB Fusion, and Polychrome Sync to name a few.

You won’t need to install or run any other utility or application since you can do all of it from a single place. If you have to deal with just your new memory, then Viper has a utility for this. The software does not control or manage other brands’ RGB memory modules since it’s specifically designed to work only with the Patriot Viper RGB series. First, you’ll need to set the heat shield color – white / black – then after this, you’re all set. To give you an idea about the lighting effects, the ones available are the following: dark, viper, breathing, heartbeat, aurora, marquee, and neon.

Overall, the software was very easy to manage and work with, so you shouldn’t experience any problems or issues. Plus, we didn’t experience any stability problems which was really good.

With the software, you just need a couple of clicks to change the pattern or colors for the different LED regions of the DIMMs. Just click the box for a specific region, then click a color, and you’re done. Not only that, but this software provides you with an easy and convenient option to change the images displayed to match the sticks that are installed in the system. This will make understanding what you’re changing in the software much easier to comprehend.

Getting the sticks installed then lit is when all the fun things begin. The default design that’s offered is really nice and unique compared to most of the RGB sticks that are around. And seeing the sticks light up together along with varying colors in each region is really good. If you want, you can also choose to switch off some regions to give a more dramatic appeal.



To conclude our review, we really think that the Viper RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM from Patriot is one of the coolest hardware devices that we’ve ever tested. We didn’t dislike anything about this RAM since it’s packed with the perfect features; plus, it performs excellently while also delivering stunning aesthetics.

Aside from the excellent performance that it delivered, we really liked the RAM’s appearance. The Viper RGB DD4 had the best aesthetic elements for every RGB enthusiast who loves decorating their rig. We think that it’s design is perfect; when we tested its RGB lighting, the results were great. It can also be easily changed via the RGB Software which can be downloaded from the company’s website. All in all, the Viper RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM is the best memory kit if you’re looking for outstanding performance and aesthetics.

Where to Buy

You can purchase a Viper RGB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM Kit starting at around $200 AUD. For more information head on over to the official product page.

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