Weber Pulse 2000 Review

With high hopes of having another sunny weekend, and the idea of enjoying sizzling burgers, sausages, and chargrilled chicken on barbecue, you’re probably wondering if your small garden can actually fit a good barbecue.

Well, you’ll be delighted to know about the new compact Pulse 2000 from Weber – an electric barbecue that could be the answer to your classic smoky food.

In early 2018 Weber, a company known for their high-end barbecues, launched their new style of electric barbecue that will delight everyone who loves barbecue. It’s designed mainly for tight spaces and ‘urban living’, where barbecue gas or smoky charcoal aren’t practical.

The Weber Pulse series aims to take barbecuing via electric grill to a whole new level. This is all thanks to high temperatures that will make your food taste as good as if you’d charcoal or gas grill these. Today, we’re going to see if the Pulse 2000 is something worth getting, or if it’s all just hot air.

Weber Pulse 2000 Review – What’s in the Box?

One of the things Weber can do that we really like is to give great packaging and presentation to their products. Each of the items is firmly and securely arranged in a neat manner.

The Pulse 2000 box is a big package and is also a heavy one. This is because the device weighs a total of 27 kilograms. So remember, if you’ll need to move it around in your home, you’re definitely going to sweat.

The exterior of the box displays an image of the product, as well as necessary details about this. Inside,  you’ll of course, find the BBQ, two cast iron gates that are the grill, two iGrill thermometers, Pulse control panel that powers and controls the temperature and a manual.

The Product

Weber Pulse 2000 Review

The Pulse 2000 has its own differences from the Pulse 1000 and this is on a number of points. The main difference between the two is that the Pulse 2000 comes with two adjustable heating elements, while the other only has a single controllable heating element for the whole device.

So with the Pulse 2000, you’ll get to enjoy indirect BBQs. Not only that, but the Pulse 2000 also has a slightly bigger grill surface to accommodate more inputs for the iGrill’s sensors. It’s also really nice that the Weber Pulse has a  modern look to it with a lot of elements of stainless steel. We think it has a good appearance for the target group.


The Pulse 2000 is a powerful and highly efficient electric barbecue. It has a capacity of 2200 Watts which makes it the most powerful electric barbecue on the market. And just like with your regular BBQ, this thing could get really hot.

A nice element about the Pulse is that it has an integrated iGrill system. Compared to an ordinary grill, this not only indicates the core temperature, but it also displays that the barbecue is ready for use.

Some of the most notable characteristics of the Pulse 2000 would be the large buttons. These come with a well-read display right at the middle. Its buttons are actually little lights that tell whether the barbecue has reached the right temperature. This is extremely important since a lot of people start their barbecue too early which causes the meat to stick unpleasantly to the grid.

The Pulse 2000 comes with a built-in iGrill system. You will need to download an application that will allow you connect with the iGrill system. The app can be downloaded either on your tablet or smartphone and it will display the core temperature of the meat that you’re working on.

If you set the application to notify you when your chosen core temperature is reached, rest assured that you’ll never have to serve dry or raw meat on your table ever again.

The Cast Iron Coated Grill

As we mentioned earlier, the Pulse 2000 comes with a finely-made cast iron coated grill. It has a size of 50 x 40 centimeters to give you a much larger surface than your usual 47-centimeter barbecue boiler.

Since it comes with a nice and high lid, you will also get to easily put in a whole chicken in the device. Under its grate, you will see two heat elements that have aluminum containers placed underneath. This is to catch all the grease coming from the meat you’re grilling. All the grease flows into a little drawer that you can easily remove under the barbecue. Here, you’ll get to clean this thoroughly without leaving any of that unwanted oil, grease, and grime around.

If you take the front portion of the Pulse barbecue, you will find a big screw set there. When you remove it, you’re actually removing its heat element from the barbecue. This will allow you to pull out the whole collection tray easily. This way, you’ll get to clean everything properly for your next use.

Accessories Available

You can make the most of your Weber Plus 2000 with various items available at the company’s official website. There are kitchenware that you can use for cooking different kinds of dishes, accessories to store your BBQ grill, barbecue briquette, as well as a cookbook.

Griddle for Weber Pulse 1000 and 2000 Series

With this Weber Pulse Griddle, you can prepare crepe and pancakes for breakfast. You can also use it to barbecue seafood in the evening.

Pizza Grilling Stone for Pulse BBQ

You can enjoy Italian dishes right in the comfort of your home. With this Pizza Grilling Stone, you can prepare authentic-tasting pizza made in a masonry oven. Whether you plan to make bread or pizza, you can easily cook Italian food with this grilling stone. You can use this with the Weber Pulse 1000 and 2000 series.

Weber Frying Pan w/ Detachable Handle

The surface of the Weber frying pan is coated with Platinum Teflon to make it easier for you to clean. Its handle is also detachable so you can easily take the pan on and off your grill.

Large Pulse Bonnet Cover

Protect your grill from the scorching sun and the pouring rain. This Bonnet Cover designed for the Pulse 2000 is lightweight, making it easier to pull. It features fastening straps to keep this secure and prevent it from flying away when you cover your barbecue. It’s made from water-resistant material to keep your grill clean and sleek.

Pulse Cart

Use this heavy-duty Pulse Cart as a stand for your your Pulse grill. This also allows you to easily move your grill when you need to transfer this to another area. It has built-in tool hooks and a side table where you can place serving trays.

Weber’s Greatest Hits

You can find more than a hundred top-rated recipes in Weber’s Greatest Hits Cookbook. These recipes were carefully chosen by experts and fans of Weber; plus, it comes with clear instructions by the author Jamie Purviance.

Product Features

Detachable Parts and Console

The Pulse 2000 is electrically operated through a control panel which you can easily remove from the barbecue. The panel is always stored dry in the box. Since all electricity is safe and secure against weather, this is an ideal device to use.

Removing the heating element is also simple; so once it’s out, you can take the interior from the BBQ to clean this. The insides can be cleaned either by hand wash or via dishwasher.

Power is Available Most of the Times

Unlike in a gas or charcoal BBQ where you have to always check if there’s still available fuel, the Pulse 2000 almost has power at all times. Just extend your extension cable and everything else is ready.

Quick and Easy Preparation for BBQ

The Pulse 2000 allows you to be ready for BBQ in just a few easy steps. Simply plug the device, turn the knobs, and you can already get started even when you’re still preparing your ingredients. It’s best for weekday evenings so you can use it after a long day.

Integrated iGrill

Weber iGrill is integrated in one part of the control panel. This technology lets you monitor the core temperature of the food you’re cooking. You can connect the iGrill to the mobile app via Bluetooth then simply check your smartphone or tablet to keep track of the temperature.

Control Barbecue Zones Separately

The barbecue zones of the Weber Pulse 2000 can be controlled separately. With these innovative barbecue zones, you can cook two or more dishes simultaneously. You can also set different temperatures for these zones using the controller; so on one side, you can cook slowly and on the other, you can sear.

Cast Iron Grates with Porcelain Enamel

The cast iron grates are porcelain enameled to effectively retain heat temperatures. This gives the sear marks on meat and fish which is something that every barbecue enthusiast wants. This also allows for easy cleaning. Before using, simply preheat then gently brush away debris.

Grease Collection System

In the bottom, the interior of the Weber Pulse 2000 runs towards an open round hole which allows for grease to run out. Under the opening is the grease collection system of the Weber Pulse. This has a small dish made of aluminum where all the fat and juice are collected. When you’re done preparing food, you can throw the aluminum dish away and replace it with a new one when you use your grill again.



  • Total cooking area : 49 x 39 cm
  • Fuel type : Electric
  • Glass-reinforced nylon handles : 2
  • Power : 2200 W / 230 V
  • Meat Probes Included : 2
  • Probe Capacity : 4


  • Porcelain-enamelled, cast iron cooking grills
  • Cast aluminium lid and body
  • Integrated iGrill technology / For use with free Weber iGrill app
  • Dual Zone Barbecuing
  • Grease Management System
  • Removable components and front control panel
  • Power Button with Integrated RCD Safety Function
  • Integrated clip for safe routing of cord
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Digital Thermometer with LED display
  • Front access grease tray with catch pan
  • Stainless steel lid handle
  • Aluminium heat retention liners
  • Status indicator lights


  • Black


  • Lid Open – 77cm H x 70.7cm W x 76cm D
  • Lid Closed – 39cm H x 70.7cm W x 60cm D

Using the Product

iGrill App

It’s nice to know that Weber has their own collection of grill thermometers, and iGrill, as the company calls it, is built into this new Pulse series. Together with the iGrill phone app, you can simply display cooking temperature on your smartphone, making things easier and more convenient for you when cooking.

Your smartphone communicates with the device via Bluetooth, and in just a couple of steps, you will have established a link between the devices.

From here, you just access the app then choose what you want to grill. There are two grill thermometer probed included in the box, and the good thing is that you aren’t limited to just these. You can purchase more based on your needs. In total, the Pulse 2000 can simultaneously handle four sensors.

The iGrill app is incredibly simple to use and it takes the guess work out of cooking. Simple select the meat that you want to cook, how well you want the meat cooked and the app takes care of the rest. Do you want to cook a Medium steak on your grill? Easy, select the steak from the list of meat, select medium and the app will automatically set the internal cooking temperature for you.

If you want to cook something that it not in the list of preset entries you are able to specify custom cooking temperatures which means use the iGrill 3 with any food you would like to cook.

The app monitors the cooking temperature whilst the food is cooking and once it reaches the specified temperature your phone will start beeping to let you know that it is time to take the food off the grill. You are also able to view the history of past cooks so that you can really get down into the nitty gritty and determine the perfect cooking process for your favourite steak or ribs.

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Connecting iGrill to your Device

You just need to follow a few simple steps to connect the grill to your device. These are the following devices that are compatible with the Pulse: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or your Android devices.

First, you need to open your device’s settings then tap on the Bluetooth button to switch it on. Now, you can position your iGrill next to the smart device then access the Weber iGrill app. In the application, the device should automatically recognize the product and will be displayed on your “available devices” drop down. You can see the ”available devices” by pressing the white iGrill logo just at the top right-hand corner of your app. Choose your iGrill from the list of available devices before getting prompted to accept the pair request.

Once accepted, your smart device will pair with the iGrill then you’ll be ready to arrange your settings to start cooking.

If you want to disconnect the grill from your smart device, just set the iGrill once again next to your device then access the app for disconnecting. Just look for your connected iGrill, swipe to the left on its name to display the disconnect option.


Before using the grill, we suggest that you first download the iGrill app.  You’ll need it to enjoy smart barbecuing that gives you temperature monitoring and allows you to barbecue with ease.

You just need to fire the app up insert a temperature probe into your meat and the iGrill app takes the care of the rest. We chose steak and beef sausages for the test.

We inserted the iGrill probes into the steak and sausages so that we could monitor the internal cooking temperature and be able to tell when they were cooked. When the barbecue was at temperature we added the meat to the grill, and boy was it satisfying when we heard that delicious sizzle ring out once the meat made contact. Once the meet was added we closed the lid and let the grill do its thing.

The grill worked just as expected. It was perfect and the meat we grilled turned out exactly as we liked. The sausages were crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside and only took a few minutes to cook. As for the steak, they cooked to perfection as well. The Weber Pulse left some nice sear marks on both side of the steak which is essential to any steak  on a grill as that helps give it that fantastic BBQ flavour. The iGrill app told us when to take the steak of the grill and the accuracy of the probes were spot on and monitored the cooking temperature of the meat accurately throughout the cooking process. The temperate was clearly displayed on the phone and an audible beep was hear once the preset temperature has been reached.

I’ll be honest, I had some reservations that an electric barbecue would be able to stand up against a gas or charcoal grill but I have to admit, it does stand up against them, and very well at that. We got the same flavour from the meat that we get with a gas grill and the barbecue is incredibly easy to use. No longer do you need to mess with vents and dials to try and get the right temperature, simply set the temperature on the control dial of the Weber Pulse, set a desired meat temperature in the iGrill app and the Weber Pulse takes care of the rest.



The Weber Pulse 2000 is the ideal grill if you live in a small courtyard or an apartment or even if you just looking for something that incredibly easy to use. Its cast iron cooking grates help you achieve the perfect sear marks and flavor that you can’t get when you simply cook in your kitchen. Since it operates with electricity, you don’t have to worry about running out of gas or charcoal.

The best thing about this grill is the iGrill thermometer which connects to your phone; this shows the temperatures of the Pulse 2000 and also notifies you once your food is perfectly cooked. This gives you the perfect steak.

With the Pulse 2000, barbecue has become simpler and more convenient. You no longer need to have dirty hands from charcoal and there’s also no smoke when you light the barbecue.

If you’re looking for ways to barbecue electrically, we highly recommend the Weber Pulse 2000. It’s efficient, convenient, plus you can choose from a wide range of accessories that you can use to make different kinds of dishes.

Where to Buy

You can pickup the Weber Pulse 2000 for $699AUD from your local barbecue supply store. For more information head on over to the official product page.

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