Why Netflix Differs From Country To Country

Netflix is arguably the most prominent and widely-known online streaming platform in the world. It has almost thousands of movies and TV shows available for avid viewers, and it offers its services in more than 200 nations around the globe. It is a truly global company in an industry in which most networks and content libraries can only reach a limited geographical area.

The company was created in 1997 as a rental place for movies and other productions. However, Netflix’s merit was recognizing a paradigm shift in the way people looked at entertainment options for films, series, and documentaries: the company decided, in 2007, to redesign its purpose, turning itself into an online streaming platform.

However, if you open a Netflix account in a specific location and travel to another country, your content catalog won’t be the same at your newest and latest destination, as the system doesn’t allow people to enjoy the same content when moving between nations.

Netflix regions by content and country

The American Netflix catalog is the broadest, with 1,157 TV shows and 4,593 movies available for enjoyment. After that, content availability gradually decreases depending on the nation, among other things. Here are some notable examples of countries in which the service is active and what you can see in each one of them (you can find the complete list here).


  • TV Shows: 445
  • Movies: 1599


  • 405
  • 1360

United Kingdom

  • 542
  • 2425


  • 629
  • 2942

Why Netflix shows different content in each location

The cost of producing a big movie can be enormous, although that will depend on numerous factors. While independent films are usually not as budget-demanding, the fact remains that television and cinema studios invest a lot of resources into each production.

It is only natural that these studios look to protect the content they have created with copyright enforcement measures. There are lots of resources at stake, and digital piracy is now a common occurrence.

To help combat piracy and the ease of just copying files to a CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, or torrent file; these studios have decided to offer their productions for sale through companies such as Amazon, Apple, and iTunes.

Netflix has a sizable budget for digital content, and its presence represents a significant revenue and profit source for these studios, which enforce copyright by the nation because each one has varying levels of demand towards one movie or TV show: a trendy film in Germany can be not-so-hot in India, for example.

Studios can request more money for Netflix to show a specific streaming option in some countries than in others. It is basically a supply and demand affair, resulting in what we know as Netflix Regions.

Netflix’s area restrictions and how to overcome them

As you know by now, Netflix content changes if you are abroad: if you opened your account in Brazil, you can’t travel to a country in which Netflix isn’t present and pretend that the service works under the Brazilian library. The same rules about what content is available in specific nations to apply to tourists with the intention of avoiding problems with studios.

If you opened your Netflix account in one nation and travel to another that hosts Netflix, you might use your app but with the new country’s library, which will be different than that of your hometown.

However, you may be able to manipulate Netflix regions without even leaving your living room. Thanks to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) users can borrow IP addresses from several countries to unblock content in other locations within the streaming service.

Netflix’s way of tracking users and connection requests is by looking at their IP addresses. That way they can know where their subscribers are located. If a person’s Netflix account is from Australia, it won’t be able to access the American Netflix region without using a VPN with servers in the USA.

VPN to the rescue

Netflix, film, and television studios have united efforts to block several VPN brands operating in the market, with varying degrees of success. However, one of the few that is still standing strong is SurfShark. Its performance is smooth and is recognized as one of the fastest VPN companies in a tight market.

SurfShark offers more than 100 total servers spread across 14 countries. Users can enjoy several Netflix regions, including Australia, France, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Singapore, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Japan.

In conclusion, Netflix is maybe the planet’s biggest multimedia streaming library, with thousands of series, documentaries, TV shows, short and animated features to show its millions of viewers online. It is present in more than 200 nations, which is everywhere except a few notable exceptions (China, North Korea, Crimea, and others).

The service gets licensing agreements with TV and film studios to show specific titles in every nation it functions. The content will vary from country to country, always depending on whether the company reaches a pact with these studios to broadcast the mentioned series, show or movie in a particular area.

To bypass Netflix’ region controls, Virtual Private Networks are the best resource available. The streaming company has managed to block some VPN brands since it doesn’t want any copyright problems with these studios, but some remain the market, like SurfShark.

SurfShark is not only among the fastest VPN brands in the market but also will protect your connection from undesired leaks and third-party content sniffing.


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