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Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse Review

2019-10-28 16_51_50-M4 – Xtrfy

In this day and age, going lightweight has become the biggest trend when it comes to the market of gaming mice. But with a plethora of products appearing, it can be quite challenging to choose the best one for your needs. And with that, you’ll need an entire package with excellent clicks, great shape, flexible cables, etc. if you want to get noticed.

This season is an exciting moment for gaming mice enthusiasts. And with impressive sensors available to most manufacturers around, companies are searching for other means that would make their products to stand out from the crowd. With that, Xtrfy is taking a shot with their M4 RGB Gaming Mouse.

It’s an ergonomic, medium-sized mouse that stores all the primary components you’d need, and is lightweight at just 71 grams. But with all the claims about its notable vital features and a thin body, is the Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse something worth it? Let’s take a look.

Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse Review – What’s in the Box?

The Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse comes in a pretty sturdy and durable cardboard box that will surely protect the device from damages. The front comes with an image of the mouse itself, the company’s name on the upper-right portion of the box, and the mouse’s name on the lower left part. You’ll find a couple of highlighted details and features, as well as information about the device’s exact sizing.

Inside the package, you will find the mouse together with two extra keycaps: one with the Xtrfy logo, while the other has a “GG” written on it. We have the black version with us, and it has that beautiful and premium look to it. They appear pretty cool even if the caps aren’t technically useful or necessary to gaming mice, and we think that these are fun little extras anyway. In addition to that, you get an Xtrfy sticker and a convenient set of mouse feet included in the package. We love when companies put such add ons to their products, so kudos to Xtrfy for considering these.

Of course, you will also get your standard documentation in the box, but that’s something to expect.

The Product

Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Xtrfy slipped out of the norm and came up with an entirely new shape for their ergonomic M4 RGB Gaming Mouse. It’s a medium-sized product with a full back portion and a smaller grip than usual. To put it, the M4 RGB Gaming Mouse looks more massive compared to how it feels when used, so don’t worry about it being too huge in comparison to pictures or those on display. The entire mouse weighs 67 grams, which is much lighter than what Xtrfy is advertising. Quite surprising, but it’s a good thing.

The two side buttons can be found close to your thumb grip, while the rubber scroll wheel is ribbed and silent when in use. It also comes with a cord that’s flexible and braided, measuring at 1.8 millimeters. It’s an okay length that most people would find satisfactory, but it would’ve been more convenient if it were longer for our set up.

When looking at the center of the mouse just above the scroll wheel, you will find a mystery button in place. The function of this specific button is to adjust one of our favorite features, which is the mouse’s LED lights. Generally, LED lights on mice aren’t anything new, but because of the Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse’s holes, it lights up more vibrantly than others.

Pressing this will go through a range of patterns and styles to illuminate the surroundings while pressing it with other buttons will let you customize the brightness and your light show. If you don’t want this, you also have the option to switch it off. Beneath this is a little button for adjusting the mouse’s broad DPI range: from a chill 400 to a quick 16,000.

The Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse RGB Gaming Mouse gaming mouse uses an Optical Pixart 3389 sensor and comes with an adjustable RGB LED illumination. Its primary switches consist of the Omron 20M (OF), while it sports the 1.8-meter Xtrfy EZ-cord, PTFE glides, and UV-coated surface. Overall, the mouse weighs 69 grams without its cable.

The mouse’s CPI (counts per inch) settings is at 400 | 800 | 1,200 | 1,600 | 3,200 | 4,000 | 7,200 | 16,000, while its polling rate settings is 125 | 500 | 1,000 Hz. Its IPS is at 400, 50 G for the maximum acceleration, and connects via USB. Lastly, the M4 RGB Gaming Mouse RGB Gaming Mouse gaming mouse works with Win XP, Mac OSX 10.1 or later, and comes with a warranty that varies per area: 2 years for Europe, and a year for the United States and Asia.

Product Features

Lightweight, Ergonomic, and Top-Quality

The Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse features a lightweight construction and the newest components. It has a unique and ergonomic design made for right-handed users. When you use this mouse, you can bring your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Advanced 3389 Sensor

The M4 Gaming Mouse comes with the Pixart’s top-performing 3389 sensor. It features 400 IPS, as well as on-the-fly sensitivity settings that range from 400 to 16,000 CPI, and 125 to 1,000 Hz polling rate.

Better Grip and Smooth Gliding

The Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse glides smoothly on its full PTFE skates that have rounded edges. The combined matte UV coating and holes improve your grip over the mouse’s body by enhancing the airflow under your palms to also keep it comfortable.

Built to Last

Aside from the aesthetics, lightweight design, and ergonomics, the M4 RGB Gaming Mouse is highly durable to last until the next years. Even with its weight is only at 69 grams, you can be sure that this will last long since it makes use of the highest quality materials.

Sturdy Construction and Durable Components

As we mentioned earlier, the shell of the Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse reduces weight while keeping it durable. Inside the mouse, it only has the highest quality components, which make it perform excellently.

RGB Lighting

You can personalize your M4 RGB Gaming Mouse with the customizable lighting. Adding a personal touch to your mouse is possible by changing its color or LED lights. If you aren’t fond of RGB lighting and effects, you can always switch this off.

Reduced Weight Made Lighter With the Xtrfy EZcord

Even if the M4 RGB Gaming Mouse has the Xtrfy EZcord, it stays lightweight. The cord is also flexible and smooth, allowing you to perform excellently in your games.

ARM 32-Bit Microcontroller

The ARM 32-bit microcontroller gives you better control and allows for fast swiping. It improves your gaming performance without compromising stability and speed.

Splash and Dust Resistant

The inside of the mouse has a conformal coating to keep the components protected against splashes and dust to prolong its life span. With that, you don’t have to worry if you splash water on your mouse while gaming.


Using the Product

A lot of gaming mice today make use of 3389 sensors, and the M4 RGB Gaming Mouse is no exception. Although this is the case, we have to stress how well the sensor performed, and it was flawless. There were no noticeable snapping, smoothing, and other issues that interfered with our aiming, and its sensor felt consistent and responsive.

Everything about this gaming mouse is plug-and-play, so there is no way to fine-tune its RGB and DPI. It didn’t become an issue for us since it has all the regular DPI’s available. This won’t be a problem for anyone, unless you’re a person who loves macros, or appreciates non-common DPI’s, and then this isn’t the device for you.

We love how nicely-implemented all the holes are, and the edges have an excellent shape, making it somewhat disappear when we started using the mouse. Overall, it has a perfect grip, and its lightweight body allowed us to play much better during our gaming sessions. It allowed us to aim correctly, and our movements were fluid, which we loved. With that, we’re giving the Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse two thumbs up.


The Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse is an impressive product. It has an ergonomic design, and it’s lightweight, which effectively helps in improving gaming performance. It’s fast, responsive, and highly customizable, making it a great product to buy.

Aside from that, it has a flawless sensor, and it gives a great, tactile response on each click. It doesn’t only work excellently for gaming, but it will also help you accomplish your daily tasks.

Overall, we highly recommend the Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse. If you’re a right-handed user who is planning to buy a gaming mouse today, this is something that you should consider. It comes with aesthetics, convenience, functionality, and a lot of things that make it worth the purchase.

Where to Buy

If you want to have the Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse, you can purchase this online from the company’s official website.

2019-10-28 16_51_50-M4 – Xtrfy
Xtrfy M4 RGB Gaming Mouse Review
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