YouTube releases usage data and announces VR support

Consumption of media has grown so much over the years that YouTube itself, the video streaming global giant, has amassed 1.5 active users every month. That’s about roughly 20 percent of planet Earth, watching cat videos, memes, and many more.

YouTube has revealed in their blog that it had finally broke records by having 1.5 billion viewers a month. This is equivalent to one in every five people all across the world. They also added that these users spend at least over an hour each day watching videos. This is only for mobile alone. How much more for desktop and Mac computers?

YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki also said that this success has carried over to YouTube’s original programming. These are paid YouTube series that you can watch on YouTube as well. They have roughly have 37 existing YouTube Red Original series and movies. And with the success it has, they will most likely add more while collaborating with YouTube’s popular YouTubers to be part of their series. YouTube Red also managed to snag a quarter of a billion views.

The news was revealed with the announcement of the company’s new television streaming platform called YouTube TV.

Susan Wojcicki also announced new features to YouTube’s mobile and desktop platforms at the eighth annual VidCon in Anaheim. One of the two mobile capabilities is a feature that automatically reformats videos that are shot vertically to be rendered normally on a mobile device. The ability to livestream on the site with a minimum of 100 subscribers is also given to users.

“We think there’s lots of room to get people to watch even more YouTube” Wojcicki states.

VR 180 was also announced in VidCon. It is a virtual reality format allowing users to film what’s infront of them. This new format’s is to make things easier and cheaper for YouTube creators to shoot VR video.

A cleaner redesign of the YouTube desktop interface is also in the foreseeable future. Wojcicki unveiled the cleaner design as well.

YouTube was made by former PayPal workers Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. YouTube was in its early stages back in 2005. The trio registered the name back in February 2005 and built the site. In just about two months later, they uploaded YouTube’s first video, a video of Karim at the San Diego Zoo. In just over a year, Google has bought the site for $1.65 billion thanks to its 700 million views a week.

Today, YouTube has grown to great heights, attracting viewers from literally all across the globe and also attracting various creatives such as film makers, actors, musicians, vloggers, gamers and many more making YouTube their home.

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