Zidoo X9S Auto Downloads Subtitles

Watching movies and TV shows on you media player is generally a pretty straight forward experience, simply download the movie, load it onto the media player and off you go. This is until you find out that the movie or TV show you download required subtitles, which you don’t have. You can trawl the internet to try and find the correct subtitle and then go back and copy it across but let’s be honest, that’s a pain. Thankfully Zidoo understands this and as a result they are adding the ability to automatically download subtitles on their new product, the Zidoo X9S, which launches soon.

The Zidoo X9S has the ability built in to download subtitles automatically. In order to download subtitles simply click the “download subtitle” button whilst the movie is playing and the Zidoo X9S will search for corresponding subtitles and then proceed to download them for you. If there is more than 1 subtitle available you will be presented with a list of available subtitles where you can simply select the one you want and then proceed to download.



Some movies come bundled with encoded subtitles for secondary language support.  Unlike other Android boxes on the market the ZIDOO X9S uses the “Forced Subtitle” tag to show the selected language tag when secondary languages are spoken.



The Zidoo X9S supports custom storage paths for storing and playing subtitles as well as provides with you customization options. With the X9S you can customize the size, location, encoding and colour of the subtitles.


There are additional options available such as auto default audio which defaults based on system language as well as the ability to select various audio tracks.


The Zidoo X9S is looking to be a great machine and we can’t wait to get our hands on it so we can provide you with an in-depth review.


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